FAQ’s Every Query Answered


What is IGCSE?2017-01-22T21:25:11+05:30

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an academically rigorous, internationally used and specialized curriculum.

What will be the ratio of teachers and students?2017-01-22T17:54:56+05:30

Keeping in mind the need of individual attention to be given to each and every child in the class, the teacher-student ratio is; 2:30 for pre-primary section and 1:30 for primary and secondary section.

Can a child opt out of IGCSE if he/she can’t cope?2017-01-22T17:54:27+05:30

The International Curriculum is so designed that each and every learner pursuing it is able to cope up with it. The teachers are so trained that they proceed with the lessons only after the learner has understood the initial lesson.

Is there any health programs offered?2017-01-22T17:54:05+05:30

Health is considered as a very important aspect in R N Shah International School. Health and wellness form a prominent part of the activities that the school undertakes. Workshops, individual child’s report maintenance, in-house nurse, equipped health room are all included. Apart from that, the learners will also be exposed to practicing Yoga and Karate on regular basis.

Are there any counseling and guidance services?2017-01-22T17:53:31+05:30

Yes, there are counselling and guidance services available to the learners. In case if there is a need, proper counselling and guidance is provided to the learners in the respective areas.

What is the assessment pattern?2017-01-22T17:52:50+05:30

The Cambridge Assessment pattern is followed by the school in the pure form. There are two Checkpoints that is in 5 grade and 8t grade. The checkpoint checks the level of the student as to the subjects of English. Science and Math. Proper reports are maintained by the school for each learner.

How does International curriculum help my child to grow!2017-01-22T17:52:12+05:30

The International Curriculum is an integrated approach to education. Its helps the child to become Confident Innovative, Engaged, and Reflective at the same time.

How many fee installments are permissible?2017-01-22T17:51:20+05:30

The fee can be paid in 3 installments throughout the year.

What is the eligibility criterion for admission in your school ?2017-01-22T17:50:15+05:30

A student must have completed the previous grade from a recognized school and/or meet the required minimum age for the Early Years Program (e.g. Nursery Age3,JKG Age 4, and SKG Age 5).

Do you have special-needs coaching for students with differing learning abilities?2017-01-22T17:49:29+05:30

RNSIS has Learning Support department to provide support to the students with minor special needs and to assist them to engage fully in the mainstream program. We are admitting students who will benefit from the limited support that we are able to offer, and regrettably may not be able to provide support for students with severe learning difficulties.

Is there a bus or transportation system?2017-01-22T17:48:38+05:30

Yes, there is proper transport facility that will be available for the children. However, it is exclusive of the fee.

Is there an admissions test or a screening process?2017-01-22T17:48:09+05:30

The admission process comprises of the Global Assessment Test, which is not conducted for the purpose of identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of the child but to screen the child as to the prevalent age-cognitive ratio.

How will technology be utilized, and how will you create a safe and productive online environment where children are not distracted by gadgets and surfing the web unsupervised ?2017-01-22T17:47:30+05:30

Information and communication technology (ICT) is here to stay, and there is no doubt that the ability to utilize ICT effectively IS an immense advantage to students, job-seekers. This phenomenon will probably become more profound in future years. Therefore, we will teach children how to safely and effectively use ICT. Students will not be left unsupervised to surf the web but they will be closely supervised by teachers who have been trained in issues of cyber-safety. The teachers will also positively model appropriate use and be able to answer students’ questions about computers. Every teacher has the right to tell the students when it is appropriate or not appropriate to use ICT.

How can parents help students adjust to R N SHAH International School?2017-01-22T17:46:28+05:30

Many parents are concerned about whether they will need to provide additional support to students who will be beginning anew at R N SHAH International School. We would like you to be assured that all the incoming students are in very good hands; though the curriculum and learning environment may be very different, there is absolutely no need to worry about student being able to cope up. We are well aware of the differences in students’ abilities and speed of learning. Since our educational philosophy is focused on learning, the best way for parents to support students is to ask them something like “What did you learn today?”

What is the Homework policy?2017-01-22T17:45:32+05:30

Homework is used as a skill-building tool and home work for the sake of it is not encouraged. Therefore students would have homework that helps them to build on self-management or research skills.

How involved do you keep parents in the school?2017-01-22T17:45:02+05:30

We at R N Shah International School value parent involvement by providing numerous opportunities for parents to interact with each other, with teachers, and with students. The Learning System Management, SMS facility, Website, Apps are the various tools provided to the parents by the school for regular interaction and involvement. We also send newsletters and calendars home regularly, alerting parents to school functions and ways they can participate.

What are the hygiene facilities in the canteen?2017-01-22T17:44:27+05:30

The food provided to students in the canteen is Nutritionist approved food. It is made keeping in mind the health and hygiene of children.

Will the school be involved in inter-school competitions?2017-01-22T17:43:59+05:30

School is involved in many inter school competitions. Students are also trained and prepared for national and state level competitions.

Are the teachers trained?2017-01-22T17:43:34+05:30

Recruited teachers will undergo intensive training through trainers of the in-house Consultant as well as various professional development programme. They will be exclusive to the IGCSE curriculum.

Will IGCSE build a child’s application and problem solving skills?2017-01-22T17:42:56+05:30

Yes, the curriculum of each subject is framed in a way that helps in developing the student’s ability to analyze, interpret and arrive at solutions. The teacher’s role here is that of a facilitator.

What are the measures of student safety?2017-01-22T20:24:47+05:30

Each parent will be provided with a Security Authorisation Pass (SAP) Card which would an essential to be carried for pick-ups. Also, each class and floor is monitored by CCTV. The school also has a sick bay wherein students who are unwell will be attended by a trained nurse.