Every Thought Digitally Enhanced

Everything digitalized. Digital times. Digital world. Infrastructure to Learning to Assessment to Reporting to Transport to Parent Connect to Health to Safety. That’s the ‘digital world of knowledge’ unique to Cambridge International Examinations. Backed by research compiled by efforts of academic professionals from across the world. Cambridge International Examinations is part of the Cambridge Assessment, a department Of the University of Cambridge. Recognized by the world’s best universities Cambridge international qualifications, in synch with the digitalized times, give students a wide range of options to imbibe education, instilling in them a quest for knowledge, an eternal desire to observe, analyze and learn from every aspect of life. Be it career, society, nature, nation or the world at large.

Global Academics

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) chosen is a relationship created for life with an organisation reputed as the leader in global academics. This leadership comes from association with ‘quality-demanding educational institutes’ across almost every nation of the world. It is this association that gives us opportunities for in-depth studies of learners around the world. Cambridge programmes and qualifications, as seen and experienced over eight centuries, are an excellent preparation for university, employment and life at large as experienced by thousands of Cambridge learners achieving international grades. Infact Cambridge grades are recognized by Universities and Employers globally as evidence of brilliant academic ability. That’s shaping thinking, expressing and action ability Of Gen-Nexts for the ever dawning new times globally.

IQ And EQ Coulselling

The Curriculum of Cambridge International Examinations is basically an investigative study Of subjects that lead to deeper understanding. This is an assurance that when the students attend University they are already familiar with the study pattern which helps them proceed at a faster pace. Not only is attention given to core subjects but also in the areas of ‘Human-Values’. This goes beyond general Knowledge into understanding of life itself. The Cambridge Academics Process plays a big role here, right from IQ & EQ Counselling to Experiential Learning, Group Activities, Time Management, Craft-works, International Bench-Marking Assessment and Self Analysis leading to all round development that enable students to be practical in all walks of life.

Hand-Holding Methodolgies

Our programmes and qualifications, conducted by academically deep rooted subject experts, reflect the latest in educational research and set the global standard for international education. These programmes and qualifications are a learning that stems from an ongoing process of educating millions of students across the varied cultures and geographies of the globe. We know every child differs, that makes every child unique. It is the challenge of this uniqueness that makes Cambridge strive harder to provide strong knowledge imbibing resources. In come the Teachers with hand-holding and heart inspiring methodolgies that help students progress from one stage of learning to the other. Thus learns every student, aided by the variety of Teaching processes she/he evolves as a distinct persona, ready to take on the world.

Parent-School Communications

Cambridge University has been an experience of observing, expressing, encouraging, motivating, analysing, assessing and shaping student knowledge imbibing ability! A great achievement, not only in continuously shaping minds, hearts and outlook of students but also in creating dedicated Academic Professionals across every aspect of the education process. All of this has been possible only because Cambridge Education Process was supported by caring Parents. Reason why even to this day Parent Connect is an integral part of the learning Process. Here to Digitalisation has stepped in making the communication process faster and easier. Everyday information on the learning effort of the student assessed by the Teachers is forwarded to the Parent of the particular child via the mobile App! This Parent Teacher concern keeps the Parents aware of every aspect of the child’s performance.

Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth! In these ignorant, ‘earth-abuse’ times it’s vital that our children grow healthy. Reason why an Infirmary within the RNSIS premises has been introduced, managed by good-health-maintenance professional team. Regular health check-ups will be the way of life.
When we say health it’s not just physical good health but with that will stem in emotional and environmental good health. That will make the care and concern for Earth take root in the heart of every student. An assurance that the environment will be well taken care of in coming times. Result : Healthy mankind. Green Earth.