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RNSIS is an international school in Mumbai offering the international Cambridge pathway to its students in an integrated learning environment. The school lays special emphasis on building strong academic knowledge as well as developing necessary transferable skills in students that enables them to become future ready individuals. The holistic learning environment at RNSIS gives students every opportunity to move with confidence and thrive in the global competitive world.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge Education lays an excellent foundation for international education and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. The flexibility in the Cambridge international curriculum gives students an opportunity to choose from a wide array of subject combinations that broadens their knowledge horizons, develop higher-order thinking skills, nurture their love for learning and help them gain the essential skills they need for their future careers.

To Inspire Our Children to Rise as

  • Knowledge-enriched
  • Reach-confident
  • Wisdom-reflecting responsible global individuals

To Evolve Every Aspect of the Knowledge Inculcating Process by Involving

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Society
  • Country
  • The World

And in Doing So Help Raise Moments of Realizations That Will Illuminate Life.

Our Objective

RNSIS is Among the Finest in Educational Global Infrastructure

  • Great location
  • Spacious Interiors
  • Natural, earthy exteriors
  • Trained Teachers
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Tech-savy Classrooms
  • Science Labs
  • Software Cells
  • Efficient Administrative Staff
  • On tap transport service

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