A Dream…A Vision …A Reality.

Welcome dear patrons to the digital portals of RN Shah International School.
A dream …a vision… a reality, under the auspice of Ritambhara Vishva Vidyapeeth emerging as a beacon of change …RN Shah International School (RNSIS) with the introduction of ‘Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).
The answer to Every parent’s dream where a blend of quality, facility and cost effectiveness have a golden handshake.
A 21st Century parent, abreast with the needs of the market and value development,no longer looks for a school where knowledge exchange is looked upon as Education.

The school now shoulders a responsibility far beyond the confines of a classroom, to develop adequate skill set inclusive of Social, Emotional and Cognitive abilities.

Amongst the chaos of need and want, capability and development, treads a fine balance, where compassion and individuality dominate the need to nurture every child who may not be lost in the rat race but is well equipped to face challenges and emerge as path builders,a boon to mankind and society at large.

A firm belief @ RNSIS is that Technology can never replace teachers but Technology in the hands of great teachers can most certainly be transformational.
Welcome to Innovation in Education @RNSIS where we invite each one of you to refuse to accept the average.
Come and experience the joys of Education through the guidance and expertise of well trained Staff, where education is Engaging … Empowering …Enlightening!

Welcome to RN Shah International School !!!

‘Together Let us Nurture the Vision of Every Parent to Reality’

Mrs. Payal Gupta,