With deep reverence and in-depth gratitude, we pay our tribute to the humble soul, Shri Ramanlal Shah, the founder of R.N.Shah High School. His noble thoughts have helped the school to flourish and gain popularity as one of the renowned educational institutes of Mumbai.

Our honorable trustees are a tremendous support, people of great concern and love, under whose management the school keeps growing every year

Shri Ashwinbhai M. Mehta
Shri Ashwinbhai M. MehtaPresident
Smt.Poornimaben Pakvasa
Smt.Poornimaben PakvasaChairperson
Poornima Arvind Pakvasa (5 October 1913 – 25 April 2016), known as the Didi of Dangs, was an Indian social worker from Gujarat
Shri Kishorebhai B. Sanghvi
Shri Kishorebhai B. SanghviManaging Trustee